First Steps for Interior Painting

Written by Adam Coholan, an active blogger who writes about remodeling and interior design based on his experience working with luxury condos in Queens, NY. You can follow him on Twitter @Coho22.

Tired of the same old space? With winter just around the corner and the thought of many hours being spent indoors, homeowners may be considering new furniture or even remodeling. Yet instead of diving in to a large-scale project, painting a room can be easier, more convenient way to liven up the look of your house. Many households might be wary of painting because it can be a chore if you are not well prepared. However with a little planning and the help of a professional painter, your walls can look and feel fresh without a lot of effort.

The first necessary step in changing the look of the room is to figure out what color you would like the room to be. Since color helps set the desired mood, it is important to know which colors encourage the mood you want for that room. For instance, many find the color blue to be perfect for bedrooms since it invokes a feeling of rest and rejuvenation. However this may not be a perfect fit for everyone so make sure to take all the effects blue can have into consideration.

It’s also important to remember that the color on the free strips obtained at a home improvement store or from the painter may actually look different once it dries on the walls. It is a good idea to give them a test run. Small sample bottles of test paint can often be purchased from the paint store, or your painter may even be able to provide samples for you free of charge. Pick a small but well lit part of the wall to test the paint, and see how it dries. Often it is most helpful to do this with a number of colors you’re considering, to see how they look side by side. Last, give it a couple of days to make sure the paint will look right in the varying light conditions. Testing the paint will make sure you get the desired look the first time out, saving time and money.

Along with the decision of what color you want to paint, you have to choose what type of paint to use for the room. There are several different to take into consideration when you make this decision. Flat paint is great on walls and ceilings in the living room and bedrooms. It’s not as easy to keep clean as a glossed paint would be, but it doesn’t have a shiny look that many don’t find enjoyable in rooms that are meant for relaxation. Glossed or semi-glossed paint are great for baseboards, bathrooms and kitchens. These paints are more durable, and given the nature of kitchens and bathrooms, the walls will need to be wiped down frequently. Glossed paints help protect the wall and can withstand the abuse so that it can be wiped down easily and often.
Overall, with enough planning, the right help from the pros, and a little time for the paint to dry, transforming your space can be a fun, simple project. So get to work!

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